Thursday, June 21, 2012


The Hong Kong Red Cross has officially published that by the end of yesterday this campaign had reached 1,491 registered donors, out of which 1306 Non-Asians.
So, by the end of today we should have reached over 1,500 registered donors for Hong Kong only.
This is startling... Thanks to all who care!

Cumulative number of registered donors since Friday June 1, 2012

Now, how far can this go?
Should we rest on our laurels?
Well, one of Yvan's repeated plea was that this campaign should not be just for him, but for all the people that are waiting in anguish for a match.
So, for those who have already registered and joined our Facebook event, please click on FB's "invite friends" button, then you have to manually click each check box. Very tedious, but that's the only way to spread the word quickly before the cut-off date. In advance, thank you for your patience.

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