Saturday, June 23, 2012

Delay No More!

Ouch! The HK Bone Marrow Registry
lanyard is no sunscreen, Dude...
If you wonder what that can possibly be...

That is the sunburned neck of one of the great team of volunteers who have been roaming the beaches where Dragon Boat races took place in Hong Kong.
With blazing sun alternating with pouring rain, nothing could alter the determination of those generous individuals.

Very noticeably, our call for action has largely grown outside of the French community: People from all nationalities have come to participate, or are showing us their brand new donor cards with a heart-warming grin.

We are now well on the way to pass the 2,000 mark, but only a week to go for this campaign, and that's 5,000 that are needed, so Delay No More!

Do Jeh, Xie Xie, Thank You, Merci Beaucoup!